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Interview with Film companion

Postby admin » 07 Mar 2016, 19:05

"I am an accidental actor. I actually wanted to be a farmer"-

"I say so many big lines in films.Then how come I don't follow through in real life?This bothered me.Choked me."

"My entering politics was because I wanted to find my voice in real life as well"

"Films is not everything. Life is bigger than films."

"Expressing is more important to me. More important than anything else. I want to be true to myself"

"In real life we all have shades of grey but I cannot play a bad guy. I don't think I am such a good actor."

"I keep reaching out to everyone for inputs but very difficult to get an honest opinion"

"During the lull people thought I was not working hard but that is not true"

"It is so tiring 2 make an Indian film.We want everything & that 2 in the right proportion.I go crazy"

"When I am not shooting, I read like a beast & grow my bread"

"I deeply care about the law & order situation. I want it to become better."

"I used to drive myself crazy thinking why can't I be a normal star? Why do I have to think this way? But I am wired this way"

"I am focusing on films right now because I have to do films to sustain myself. But in a few yrs I will give it up."

"Politics is like a Pandora's box. I cannot stop listening to my inner voice. Once I get into politics, I will leave films"

"When I leave acting, I will continue to write. I enjoy writing."

"Do your duty and disappear is my mantra! I don't think about anything beyond that"

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